As we head into the 2023 season, we’ve established a minimum budget for full wedding design starting at $9,500. Read more below for why.

Over the course of the last 5 years, we’ve grown in our floral design skill, established our business practices, and have nailed down our pricing. Establishing a minimum was the next step in our studio’s process to grow and has allowed us to create impactful, abundant and timeless designs up to year in advance for our clients. Not only can we create abundant designs, we can work with the best blooms available, hire full teams for the week of the wedding and wedding day as well as continue our education. We’ve worked with an array of budgets and found that this minimum really allows us to execute our best work.

Often times people think that when booking a wedding florist, they are only paying for the flowers. Our pricing is based not only on the wedding day vision and physical product, but on the months of work we spend collaborating and curating a cohesive design with our clients and their planners. Our clients book with us up to a year in advance for their wedding and this minimum gives us a great starting point to begin our design process. When booking with us, you’re getting an experience of collaboration, professionalism, design skills that allow us to nail down every detail for your wedding day, ensuring that when it arrives, everything is perfect. Additionally, we’re able to curate floral recipes with the the BEST floral ingredients, shipping them from wholesalers, and flower farmers from all over. We aren’t giving you generic, grocery store flowers, because we aren’t the grocery store florist. We curate flower recipes based on our design we’ve developed and every wedding we create NEW floral recipes. (My favorite part). 

Weddings take more than just the person you hired, they take a VILLAGE, a TEAM of experienced and learning designers to execute the vision the week and day of. Having this minimum allows us to hire a team for the week of designing and wedding day delivery, set-up and strike.

On average, our clients spend $13K + for a full floral design and vision of 100 guests. Florals for your wedding is a luxury service and we strive to provide a luxury experience to each client we work with. Our minimum is a starting point for us to do just that.

We hope this gives a little bit more insight into why we have a set minimum for our full wedding design clients. We want to work with the couples that see florals as a vital part of their wedding, who value family, and want to create a beautiful experience for their guests to remember for years to come.

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